Wisdom Workshops

Wisdom Workshops are high school and college information/training sessions focused on college acceptance, including creating compelling essays, developing high impact portfolios, and maximizing on scholarship money. Our experience in college admissions provides students and parents with the expertise you can trust throughout the college admission process. Our Wisdom Workshops are tailored, personal, and hands on. Attendees receive handouts with key information they can use. Our Wisdom Workshops are convenient and informative. We also have a 3-day intensive summer bootcamp covering all ten topics below.

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1. Powerful Essays: Moving Beyond Ideas and Weak Drafts to Present Impactful Stories

2. The University of California Application and Essays: Leaving Admissions Directors with a Memorable Impression that Leads to Acceptance

3. Time Management, Goal Setting, and Budgeting:

4. Tools to Stay on Track, Set/Reach Goals, and Budget Your Money

5. Maximizing Scholarship Money: Funding Your College Education and Finding Merit Money

6. Choosing a Major and Discovering Career Options: Navigating to Your Goals from Your Interests, Personality, and Job Opportunities

7. Being a Great Student is Not Enough: What Else Colleges are Looking For and What Can You Do Now to Prepare

8. The Good and Bad of Summer Programs: Camps, Robotics, Service, Classes, Research, Creative Writing, Leadership, Medical, Legal, Foreign Exchange, Portfolio Development, Art/Film Programs, and more. This workshop shows you how you can make the greatest impact in the college admissions process.

9. Case Study Approach: How Admissions Departments Choose Their Students - This strategy seminar gives you the inside look at the admissions process and how you can present skills and qualifications that may not be apparent, but are equally valid and valuable when you prepare your college applications.

10. Conquering Test Anxiety: It's Not Your Skill: You Just Need the Tools to Overcome Your Uncertainty - Do you wonder why, after thoroughly preparing for a test, you cannot earn the score you deserve? Do you get stressed before test? If these are true, then this is the workshop for you so that you can achieve your goals.

11. Getting Your Foot in the Door - Presentation is Everything: Resume Preparation and Interview for College and Career -- Whether a student is applying to college, considering graduate school, or seeking a job, resume and interview skills are essential. New methods for evaluating resumes/CVs are considered as well as the three major college interview processes. Learn how you can highlight the right accomplishments and stand out in both the formal and informal admissions and hiring process.