College advising is about fit. An advisor must understand what is important to you and support you in realizing your potential. What are your wildest dreams? What kind of life do you want to live? What pursuits, activities, majors, and careers do you love? Which ones have you not even explored?

The process of advising is not about giving you the same information as someone else. You are unique. A counselor might find it easy to give you a list of activities or colleges that they gave someone else, but that does not serve you. Colleges seek innovative thinkers, diverse belief systems, and eclectic skills. A college advisor needs to find out how you are different, special, and interesting based solely on you. Thus, college advising is, in part, getting a list of schools, but it is so much more. A great advisor is a great coach.

At Lizard, we deliver exceptional service. We are not free, but we are not even close to the cost of some very expensive advisors. We are just as successful or more successful. We deliver quality, responsiveness, and a deep sense of commitment to you. We do this through sage advice, superior services, and inspiration.

College counselors must deliver value or else students will not want to return. You have only limited time. Our advice/service must be worth more to you than your other commitments, passions, or pursuits. Otherwise, you will not spend the money or return for more information. At Lizard, we do not bind our students and their parents to expensive contracts that they cannot break. With expensive packages, once you pay, you lose your money if the person you hire does not deliver. It is our belief that we have to deliver each time, because you can choose not to return.

We save you time. We are experts. With thirty-two years in this field, this means that you can count on our expertise. Our belief is that students should be focused on their own academics, activities, and leadership – not reading pages and pages of instructions and rules for each college application. We read, explore, and investigate programs every day. This is what we do.

With advising and support, students and parents save time. Just like most people do not do their own taxes, you should not prepare for college and apply without an advisor. Why? Tax laws change from year to year and most people do not read tax law on a daily basis. Similarly, admissions rules and college opportunities change each year. We stay abreast of the field so that you can get the latest information.

We take students on road trips, create/script/edit student videos, edit essays, and speak at schools and conferences. As you choose the counselor with whom you entrust your future, make sure it is a person who is wise, intellectual, experienced, responsible, and can provide the comprehensive services you need. It would be an honor for us, at Lizard, go on this college planning journey with you.

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