Lizard Publishing’s Three I's

Our mental process is fueled by three tenets:

Ignite the hunger to learn and the passion to make a difference

Illuminate the expanse of knowledge by sharing cutting edge thinking

Innovate to create a world that may only exist in our dreams

Lizard Publishing is a premium quality provider of educational reference, career guidance, and motivational publications for global learners, educators, and stakeholders in education. We partner with Lizard Education to provide counseling and resources to help students get into college and onto their career.

Our target audience includes students 12 – 24 years old, although we eagerly embrace, appreciate, and value lifelong learning for students of all ages. We eagerly work with school/university libraries, educators, counselors, psychologists, administrators, and policy leaders.

Our strategy is to provide high quality, extensively researched material in a way that offers the educational community with important trending topics in a quick turnaround process. Through personalized collaboration and active social media development, we engage and distribute books to consumers worldwide. The leaders of Lizard publishing include inspired, dynamic educational visionaries who feel compelled to ignite the passion for education through a global platform that offers educational content in a tangible and engaging way. We aspire to provide and distribute accurate, reliable, and easily navigable information that will build our prestige and position in academic circles. With the ever-changing global landscape, educational attainment and competencies has never been more important. Our publications will be recognized as highly effective premiere resources for all participants in the educational arena.

With headquarters in Irvine, California, Lizard Publishing works virtually with authors worldwide to produce both hard copy and paperback books. Printing and manufacturing of printed books are outsourced with an initial print run and future books printed on demand. Book sales include online ordering through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and major retailers, although copies will also be sold at speaking engagements, special events, and direct-to- consumer sales. Outside of online and brick and mortar retailers, distribution will be managed in house. As a complement to our hardback and paperback books, Lizard will offer digital publishing options that may be read using Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, tablets, and the Apple iPad.

Our Books

Lizard Publishing creates, designs, produces, and distributes books and resources to provide academic, admissions, and career information. We encourage and support students, educators, and counselors to author their own books through our editing, marketing, promotional, and distribution methods. We work with educational leaders who transform the educational landscape to publish relevant content and advise students regarding their educational and professional options, with the aim of developing 21st century learners, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The following are critical sources for developing a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Extensively researched material

  • Quick turnaround of innovative content and just-in- time information

  • Capacity to update and respond to the changing landscape using cutting edge technologies

  • Targeted specialization in areas of expertise, market segment, and product lines

  • Personalized collaboration with global academic partners

  • Dynamic data analysis of consumer wants and needs regarding trending topics

  • In-tune and creative marketing strategy that produces results as quantified by sales volume

  • Exceptional leadership and passion in the publishing of educational content

Coming in 2017

Destination College

Destination College: Maps and Facts to Help You Choose the Right School is a series of college guidebooks designed and organized to help students plan for and succeed in the college selection process. 

America Bound

Through compelling stories and fascinating discoveries, America Bound offers a glimpse into the worlds of both the eager Chinese student and the impacted college leaders who are called upon to navigate uncharted territory and create meaningful opportunities. 

Entrepreneurship: 10 Keys to Success

Entrepreneurship: 10 Keys to Success is written for the innovator, app developer, clothing designer, service provider, artist, or anyone else who has dreamed of launching his or her own vision, creating an innovative product, or offering a specialized service. 

What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admissions

This book is dissimilar, in opposition to, or even against many of the rumors, hearsay, and testimonials that claim that the college admissions process is fair across the board. Contained in this quick read 25-page book is valuable information to know so that individuals can make better decisions about who to hire and the danger of being pulled into an unethical scheme.