Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D.
CEO, Director of College Counseling
Dr. Rachel Winston is a trusted expert in global college admissions counseling with more than three decades of experience in higher education. Living in Europe as a child and studying in China for graduate school, for the past few decades she has become one of the leading cross cultural consultants with students primarily from the U.S., China, Korea, and Mexico. Dr. Winston’s educational leadership as an elected state leader, elected Academic Senate President, university Director of Mathematics, Director of the Online Math Community, and as the owner of Lizard Education College Counseling in California, offers students and parents a lifetime of writing, curriculum development, and leadership experience. She trained counselors around the world teaching in the UCLA College Counseling Certificate Program. She has served as a college math and/or engineering professor at Chapman, Embry Riddle, Cal State Fullerton, and a half dozen community colleges. She is grounded in all aspects of higher education. Winning Full Time Faculty Member of the Year, her specialties are in curriculum development, educational technology, STEM subjects, and academic writing.
Starting college at thirteen and winning the National High School Senior of the Year from the American Legion, she has earned numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees. She has attended more than a dozen universities including Harvard undergrad and graduate school, Syracuse, USC, UCLA, UCI, Pepperdine, Claremont Graduate University, Maryland, Gallaudet, CSUF, Chapman, and Brandman. Dr. Winston holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin – Hook ’em Horns!!! She recently completed her M.S. in publishing from The George Washington University and started her next graduate program at New York University. Her education is in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, psychology, higher education administration, and college counseling. She has taught mathematics on television, live interactive satellite, telecourses, online, and in lecture halls. In the community she served on the Board of Directors of the Newport Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Tomorrow, and the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, and was the Education Committee Director of the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce. She was also the Regional Coordinator for the Mathematical Association of America. Prior to coming to California she worked on Capitol Hill, the White House, and the U.S. Department of Labor. She won the 2012 McFarland Literary Achievement Award and has spoken at over a hundred local and national meetings and conferences. She was raised in D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland and has traveled to over a hundred countries. Dr. Winston published her first math book in the 80s and intends to spend the rest of her life serving and inspiring students to achieve their college and career goals.
Jasmine Jhunjhnuwala
Student Liaison & College Counselor

  • UC San Diego – B.S. degree in Clinical Psychology
  • NYU’s – M.A. degree in Counseling & Guidance for K-12 students
  • Certified school counselor in California (PPS Credential)
  • Certified school counselor in New York state
  • Certified college counselor through UCLA

At Lizard Education, Jasmine works with student resumes, portfolios, websites, essay development, scholarship info, program research, and more. She also serves as the publishing coordinator and contributing writer to post-secondary program research at Lizard Publishing.

Robert A. Helmer
Public Relations Director

Road Trip Manager/Publishing Coordinator
Travel Arrangements, Hotels, Route Planning; Driver Relationship
Book/Article/Material Distribution
University of California, Riverside – Sociology Major

Robert A. Helmer has been with Lizard for nineteen years. After six years in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, work at the Rand Corporation, and twenty years of experience in computer information processing, he joined Lizard where he has become a valued member of the team. Working with people is his forte, particularly on student road trips to visit colleges. He ensures that all travel flows smoothly and that students have what they need. He also manages the production and distribution of Lizard’s materials at college planning workshops and books from online orders.