Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, Penn, Columbia... We currently have students at each of these schools as well as many other top ranked institutions!

We provide unique and highly successful advising that organizes the application process for our international students. Our students are accepted to top ranked/good fit universities. This serves as evidence of our commitment and value. Thankful students and parents refer us to their friends.

Many international students are surprised to learn that there is more to the admissions process than GPA and standardized tests. While GPA and test scores have a significant impact on the college admissions process, it is important for students to know that admissions staff analyze and evaluate many other factors.

Course selection, letters of recommendation, involvement in activities, leadership, and interviews, are a few of the additional variables. This does not include supplementary materials such as portfolios, personal essays, resumes, and financial aid. International students, in particular, have unique circumstances. In addition to taking the TOEFL iBT or other English mastery test, international students have visa and financial statement requirements. We also work together to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.

We offer online and in-person services to support international students through all phases of the application process. Time zone does not matter. We will coordinate a time to work with you. Our client base is far reaching, though primarily from China, Korea, Mexico, and the Middle East. With more than one third of our clientele consisting of international students, we have the expert skills, knowledge, and experience to get you into a top college that is also a great fit. Our team travels to China twice a year to speak at high schools throughout the country. We connect with our own liaisons and college counseling community abroad to stay current and updated on international educational systems.


· Transcript Evaluation

· Application Assistance

· Resumes

· Essays

· Correspondence 

· Visa Support

· TOEFL preparation