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There is a common perception among students and parents that there is only one essay and you are done. Furthermore, it is often believed that if you write one really good essay, you can get accepted to college. Well, unfortunately that is not true.

First, it is important to note that most colleges consider grades and test scores much higher than other variables in the admissions equation.

Second, despite these variables along with honors and activities, essays are a significant part of the process. They offer a unique reflection of the applicant’s qualities, experiences, values, and thoughts. Although the process is daunting, don't procrastinate. Start early. Getting a jump on the process will provide more time to consider the best topics and both edit and review each essay. These essays can be a key factor in college admissions.

Third, most colleges ranked in the top 100 require more than one essay and many have three or more. Short or long essays of one type or another are typically requested. These could include an additional personal statement, explanation of your choice of a major, why you want to attend that college, explanation of low grades, and what activity is most important to you.

We at College Lizard listen to your stories in order to help you consider possible topics. We look at the big picture of who you are and what you want to become. We help you devise a plan to write your essays, provide samples to review, and guide you through the entire essay writing process. Contact us for information on the dates for our upcoming essay writing workshops or to obtain individualized help on your college entrance essays.

Note: Currently, for the 2016-2017 year, there is one Common App essay that is up to 650 words. You must choose one out of the five given topics. Also, each supplement can have between two and six additional essays.