College Maps


What if you could easily find information about colleges? What if the schools were presented in maps so you had a visual display with data and school facts all in one convenient place? Our Destination College book series is just that resource coming out in April 2017 and available as a preorder, at this website, and on

This book is written and designed by college admissions experts who regularly take students on road trips to visit colleges. Plus, we also have firsthand experience taking and/or teaching classes at two dozen California colleges and a half dozen East Coast universities. We have written this book for you - the person who wants to have information at your fingertips to understand and compare colleges.

Destination College is a series of college guidebooks designed to help students plan for and succeed in college. Published by Lizard Publishing in Irvine, CA, these books are chock full of maps and information that is clean, clear, and organized. No longer do students need to sift through dozens of websites, mounds of view books, and annoying advertisements.

Destination College was conceived at the request of students and parents who wanted to know where colleges were located and quickly find out and compare admissions information about schools. They wanted a handy tool that put college and university options in one place. We jumped on the task and began to create and design this resource.

Stephanie Tahan drew out the maps, located each school, and placed the schools on the map. Chenoa Robbins collected the college website and national data that was available in 2016 and created charts. Michelle Tahan compiled the material and designed the pages. Dr. Winston wrote the content and Julianne Alfe edited and proofread each page. Julianne Alfe managed the legal aspects of the book development and Stephanie Tahan communicated with colleges to secure permissions. Finally, Michelle Tahan and Robert Helmer developed and implemented a marketing and publicity plan. Our cohesive and enthusiastic team creates an environment that is "simply magic".