College Applications

We support students in completing their college applications. We assist with the Common Application, University of California Application, CSU Application, ApplyTexas, Coalition Application, Universal Application, and Slideroom accounts from start to finish. No matter where you are throughout the process, we oversee your application and modify/edit to ensure it is 100% ready for submission.

Common Application

We guide our students throughout setting up and submitting their Common Apps from start to finish. If requested, our students are not left alone to figure this out themselves. For most students, we oversee the entire process and double-check it for errors and mistakes before submission.

University of California Application

Students who apply to the UC’s must use this application and cannot use the Common App. When you are filling out this form, to add another UC campus with just a few clicks. We support our students in filling out, developing the essays, and submitting the application. The UCs added additional essay questions (personal insight questions) to their 2016-2017 application. Thus, the application requires more writing. We guide you to make sure you are set to submit.

CSU Mentor

The California State University Application is a separate application that is used to apply to schools in the Cal State system. Students who wish to apply to the Cal States must use this application site. We assist students in filling out the Cal State App from start to finish. After the first CSU application is submitted, the rest are fairly easy and take only about 10 minutes to complete.


The ApplyTexas application may be used for approximately 60 four-year universities as well as two-year colleges. While a few of the Texas colleges/universities use other applications also, this application stores much of their information to be used for other applications within ApplyTexas.

Coalition Application

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was developed by a coalition of private colleges and universities including the University of Washington and University of Florida, in order to improve and streamline the college admission application process and make it affordable for all students. More than fifty colleges and universities accept this application for Fall 2016-2017 and a hundred more are expected to use this application next year.

Universal Application

The Universal Application is used by more than thirty colleges including the University of Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and Rice. Students who fill out this application fill out their profile, access a checklist, and may invite one or more adviser to help monitor the progress of the application. We assist our students throughout this process.


When applying to United Kingdom Schools, you use the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) application. This site manages the applicant process for students within and outside the UK. The top UK colleges and universities we see students choose are Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London, King's College, Manchester, Edinburgh, and St. Andrews.

Students must then choose a "course". This is your course of study or major.

When you are done with your research, start the UCAS application, which is due by October 15th. You have an essay and possibly writing submissions and tests. If selected, you will get an interview. Our students are offered interviews online, but some choose to interview in person. After your credentials and interview are evaluated you may be offered spots at various colleges and must choose a school. The college/university confirms your academic record and exams and you prepare to enter the university. Note: a UK college education is different and, typically, takes three years instead of four. Do some more research and let us know if you want to attend a UK school.


Students who want to pursue an artistic field such as art, film, music, or theatre may need to fill out an additional application, which includes an artistic portfolio. SlideRoom is a portal that is embedded into the Common App where students can upload their portfolio pieces such as photographs, videos, artwork, etc. Many college counselors do not offer assistance in submitting supplemental portfolio pieces. We provide hands on support from putting the pieces together to ensuring that they are submitted in the proper specs and requirements.